For the love of the craft

Jake Clark - Chief Beer Officer at For the Love of Craft Beer

Jake Clark - Chief Beer Officer at For the Love of Craft Beer

It all started back in 2003...

While attending the University of Ottawa, studying political science, Wednesday nights were for political debates and beer drinking with one of Jake’s best friends. There was only one rule; the friends were not allowed to drink the same beer twice. This early introduction to the varied styles of beers, and the differing flavours that could be produced from four simple ingredients, ingrained an undying love of the craft in Jake. Nearly a decade and a half, and many, many, many, many beers and brewery visits later, that love has only intensified. 

As a lover of stories, relationships and community building, Jake relishes every opportunity to meet new people, share her love of independently produced beverages and spread the good word of beer. She has worked managing beverage programs for noted craft beer bars, in sales and marketing for breweries, cideries and small-batch spirit producers, as a consultant for start-up and established breweries working from builds and logistics to product branding, launches, public relations and event management. She helped launch and manage a Canada-wide craft-beer-by-mail club, has does sales and marketing for some of the world's top breweries, has worked with tourism commissions to promote their local beer industries, and has guided countless numbers of people in recognizing and intensifying their own love of the craft through guided tastings and storytelling. She currently works with an import agency managing their special buy program, where her role involves curating, and importing, bucket list beers into western Canada. She believes that beer is the social lubricant that unites us all, and is something that should be enjoyed without pretension. Having surrounded herself with like-minded individuals, Jake operates under the belief that we should drink together, for the greater good.

So come, drink with us. For the Love of Craft Beer.