Fun and interactive education seminars from beer basics to the science of beer to guided tastings and style differentiation. We will tailor a tiered-program specific to your needs whether it be service staff education, corporate team building or a pal's birthday or bachelor party.  The one consistent in every experience is that we show up with great beer, valuable information and decent jokes. What do you want to learn today?


You make great beer, or have a very cool beer bar or event, and we know how make sure the public knows that. We share the amazing stories that make craft beer and it's community so special in honest and compelling ways that allow consumers to truly connect.


Tasting note development, copy-writing for packaging, public relations planning and management and product launch event conceptualization and execution. We can help with the details from your first inkling to brew that new beer to launch and let you focus on what you do best: craft great beer. 



One-time beer list creation or a weekly rotating list for your restaurant or retail outlet. We help you to ensure you are always offering your customer the best beers to pair with your business and/or menu.